Top 5 Tips for Social Media Interaction


In the technologically advanced world, Social Media for business is a growing need for companies. Social Media is more than just the number of followers a company has, but quality of those followers. These outlets will promote and encourage brand loyalty and outreach.

Halo Design & Marketing‘s Director of Social Media, Amanda Graham works with all social media outlets daily, creating interactive posts, blogs, questions, and designs for all clients. Here she gives her top five ways to increase and maintain Social Media interaction:

  • Daily Posts. Statuses for those posts that invite outside fan interaction should be entertaining and knowledgeable. Take some time to do the research required to back up any claims you make. On that note, don’t overdo the statuses. If a business page fills up someone’s news feed, research shows they are more likely to “unfollow” the business. Instead of constant updates, spend time interacting on other company pages.
  • Link back. Always have an article, blog page, or website to link back to so fans can read more. If you can provide more information, fan loyalty will increase. A good way to find articles to link back to is to follow other company pages.
  • Maintenance. All pages, those you get on and use every day and those you don’t, need to be constantly updated. Logos are tweaked and bios change. There are more fans than you think looking at business pages more than social pages. Fill out all the information you know for the profiles and add photos, blogs, and bios of the team.
  • Don’t over promote. Having a social media page doesn’t mean pushing your business on fans. There should be an 80/20 ratio – 80% giving tips, interacting with fans, announcing events and contests, and entertainment; 20% is promoting your business.
  • Add personality. Social media is about fan loyalty. Those fans want to feel like there is a person behind that logo. Social Media is an outlet where sentence structure doesn’t have to have all business and perfect, and content can be a little more personal. Add photos of your team having fun or giving personal tips.

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Top 5 Must Haves for Website Design


These days in this socially, technologically advanced world, having a basic website isn’t enough. For your business, you need a website that is interactive, easy to use, and appealing to your target audience.

Halo Design & Marketing‘s Vice President of Creative and Web Designer Dustin Gray works with websites and designs every day, creating interactive designs for all clients. Here he gives his top five knowledge must haves for an AWESOME website design:

  • Concentration. You have to make sure you can concentrate and do a lot of problem solving to get the job done right. It doesn’t happen in an afternoon and it definitely doesn’t happen in one try. There are so many details that can’t be overlooked, so you need to have the training and skill to sit and concentrate on one project for a period of time.
  • Knowledge. You have to always be learning something new, always figuring out new code and tactics. This is an advancing world that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. If you’re going to promise a cutting edge website, you need to know what the cutting edge is!
  • Web Standards. Make sure to always create a clean professional layout up-to-par with Web Standards for both HTML and CSS. The design navigation should be noticeable and prominent, but also up to code.
  • Cleanliness. Try to have a clean and tidy work area; this helps keep a calm open and creative mind to prevent any stress. Life, and the internet, already offers many, many distractions. If you’re going to create a website, you need to eliminate any distractions or stress. Keeping the area around you clean is one step closer to keeping your mind clean.
  • Protection. Always make sure to backup work files, keep copies of all projects working on and completed. We rely so much on computers that we can forget that they are just that: computers. And though technology is continually advancing, it still crashes sometimes. Make sure that if/when that does happen, you are prepared.

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The Buzz on Social Media


Social media budgets will grow in 2011, with 80 percent of companies that have 100 or more employees allocating funds for this purpose. Marketers have certainly caught on to the reality that social media is an ideal outlet for creating content and engagements that start conversations and build relationships. Be it with a customer, a blogger or a business partner, marketing campaign implementation across online communities and social networks will be booming throughout 2011 and beyond.

As a category, social networks now surpass search engines as the most visited group of Websites on the Internet. In 2010, surpassed as the most visited domain for U.S. Internet visitors for the first time. Four of the top 10 most searched terms contain the word “Facebook.”

The younger demographic still reigns, with 90 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds visiting social networking sites, more than half (51 percent) of online adults ages 50 and older are also on the social media bandwagon. 76 percent of 35- to 49-year-olds use social media.

Halo Design & Marketing is growing  and in order to best utilize social media for all of our clients, we have created three Social Media Packages. Each one can be customized directly to your business and its needs. These include:

  1. Set up accounts for your company across all social media platforms & create unique URL names.
  2. Industry research for content to engage, educate, inform and entertain fans.
  3. Optimize and upload images and videos to the page.
  4. Daily postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with appealing and informative content, images and videos.
  5. Establish a following of targeted demographics and drive “Likes” & “Followers” to your page.
  6. Respond to fan feedback and questions.
  7. Create Facebook events and invite contacts.

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Client News: Active Spine & Sport Therapy Reveals New Website Design


Active Spine & Sport Therapy‘s new website is full of amazing new features designed to make finding information extremely easy!

Introducing the Patient Center complete with Online Scheduling for Dr. Brian Mulhall in 2012, new Online Forms for New Patients that can be filled out securely right on the website, and the new FAQ‘s.

Also new is Active Spine & Sport’s Blog/News section where you can view all of their blogs, newsletters and the upcoming pressroom. View their new Education section where you will be able to view a calendar of upcoming events, watch videos of seminars and event coverage, resources and white papers.

Also up and running is the online scheduler where you can begin booking appointments for dates in 2012. Online scheduling currently is just with Dr. Brian Mulhall and will likely expand to include all the providers later next year. Access this online scheduling on your mobile device, tablet or your desktop computer through the Active Spine & Sport website or by bookmarking/ making a shortcut icon for your mobile device for this direct link.

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The Six Knows of Google+ for Business


This November, Google+ opened its doors to businesses and it is booming! To quote Business 2 Community, “Google’s biggest weapon is it’s omnipotence in the search engine market – and it makes the most of it. As well as enabling you to connect and communicate directly with your customers, your +1’s can be tied together, across your site, your Page, search results and search ads.”

Halo Design & Marketing and the Miami Herald give you the Six Knows:

  • Know how to claim your page. In order to claim your Google + page, you must have a personal profile on the social network. In other words, your business page and personal page on Google+ are connected. If your business has a physical location, add a map to your Google+ Page so that you can easily be found in searches.
  • Know what do to if you’ve been brandjacked. If you attempt to sign up for Google+ and realize that your business name has been taken, you can e-mail Google+ support and explain the situation. If your business has been brandjacked on Google+ visit the Help Center to report the problem here:
  • Know the lingo. You might think all social networking lingo is the same, but just like the tweet is unique to Twitter, Google+ has its own parlance that you need to become familiar with.
  • Know about the free tools. Google+ offers a few free tools to help you promote your business page. One is a badge. You can add a Google+ badge to your website that gives other users of the social network the ability to recommend and add your page to their circles.
  • Know how to follow properly. There are rules to following people or brands on Google+ that you need to know about. For example, your branded Google+ page cannot follow someone unless that person follows you first.
  • Know how to measure your marketing success. Google+ offers a suite of analytics tools to help businesses assess their marketing success. Ripples allow you to see your posts, who has shared it and then who shared it again. This can help you identify people who are interested in your product or service.

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Inbound Marketing


Halo Design & Marketing practices Inbound Marketing, but many clients and small businesses haven’t quite grasped the difference between that and Outbound marketing. It’s simple: Inbound equates to free marketing, or Organic, whereas Outbound is marketing tactics that come out of your pocket.

Digital Web Magazine has defined Organic Marketing as traffic that comes to your Web site naturally and without being driven there by a specific marketing campaign. In essence, Web site visitors are there because they found the site and thought it had something they wanted. And like anything organic, organic traffic isn’t there instantly; it takes time and nurturing to grow into something healthy and with longevity. Organic traffic happens in the same way that you might browse the bookshelf at your local library or bookstore for something in a specific area of interest and find that little treasure that contains all the answers you’re seeking. This is, more or less, what the Web was all about when it was first created.

Mashable Business created this infographic about the differences between Inbound and Outbound marketing:

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Client News: Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets Hosts A Unique 20th Anniversary Open House Event


Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets celebrates its 20th anniversary with a unique and exciting open house event that showcases 13 local businesses that will “move in” to one of the numerous showroom areas. This open house event will be held on Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. complete with entertainment, food and wine, shopping, and networking with other Fort Worth businesses. The event will be held at Techline’s showroom located at 3801 West Freeway in Fort Worth. (On the south side access road of I-30, in between Hulen Street and Montgomery Street.)

These businesses that are setting up shop into a relevant design space, will display how Techline can offer a custom design solution for any area of your house and business, from elaborate master closets and pantries to commercial workstations and business offices. Techline offers design consultation, space planning, delivery, product move and re-install services throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex for residential and commercial clients.

Admission is free and is open to the public, however attendees are encouraged to bring canned goods to support the Tarrant Area Food Bank as they prepare for a busy holiday season feeding those in need. There will be many gift giveaways from each of the local businesses participating. Anyone who attends gets one entry into the prize giveaway. Those that bring canned goods get two chances to win prizes!

Carol K. Courter, president and co-founder of Techline says, “We wanted to create a fun and memorable event that not only demonstrates our capabilities, but supports other local businesses and gives back to the Fort Worth community who have supported us for 20 years!”

Active Spine & Sport Therapy will be moving into a commercial medical or business office space within Techline’s showroom providing consultation services and treatment options. A-Ward Custom Installations will be moving into a custom garage storage solution space discussing kitchen, bathroom and flooring solutions. Cookie Lee Independent Jewelry Consultant, Chrissy Green will be moving into a master closet displaying gorgeous items for sale. DFW Flowers will be moving into a custom designed craft center and providing many gorgeous arrangements available for purchase. Fort Worth Catering will be moving into a commercial workstation area and providing the tasty hors d’oeuvres for the evening. Halo Salon & Color Lab will be moving into another commercial workstation providing makeup services, analyzing hair and scalp with a capilliscope, and recommending various Phyto hair care products available for purchase. Entertainment will be provided by More Than Just Dance DJ.

MPulsive Fashions by Melissa Nickelson will move into one of the amazing custom master closets showcasing beautiful fashions available for purchase. Red Jett Sweets mobile cupcakery will be displayed outside in the parking lot serving up delicious cupcakes. Roy Pope Grocery will be moving food items into the custom pantry area and is serving wine samples. State Farm Insurance Agents Kim Mader-Bagley and Craig Bagley will be moving into a commercial business office to answer questions about insurance policies. Tarrant Area Food Bank will be onsite collecting canned goods and discussing their community services. Wright At Home will be moving into a custom bedroom furniture and wall bed space providing beautiful home decor and bedding available for purchase. And of course, Techline’s sales team will be available to discuss residential and commercial design solutions.

For information about the local businesses participating, see Techline’s post. For more information about client news, social media, and events, check out our Facebook page!

Client News: The Skin Clinic Hosts A Grand Opening Celebration. And YOU’RE Invited!


Join Lisa Artman, president and medical aesthetician of The Skin Clinic, Inc. and her experienced team, as they celebrate the grand opening of the facility. The event will begin at 4:30 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce followed by an Open House event open to the public to come in, tour the clinic, and learn about all the services offered. All of the vendors will be on site to answer any questions about the equipment used and procedures performed. Attendees can enter to win numerous gift packages and will receive event only discounts! The Skin Clinic features the stunning art work by local Fort Worth artist, Henrietta Milan, and supports a local downtown art gallery called The Milan Gallery. All of the displayed artwork throughout the clinic is available for purchase.

The Skin Clinic, Inc. is a premier medical anti-aging center in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Utilizing the best and latest technological advances in equipment and products, The Skin Clinic provides all the cutting edge skin treatments including laser treatments, bio-identical hormones, clinical treatments, lash enhancement, airbrush spray tanning, high definition airbrush makeup application, and pharmaceutical grade skincare products.

WHERE: The Skin Clinic, Inc.
400 West 4th Street, Suite 404-B
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

WHEN: Thursday, November 10, 2011
4:30 p.m. – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Open House Event

WHY: Lisa Artman says, “The Skin Clinic is an educational medical clinic, not a day spa, focused on skin treatments that affect a physical change. We are aestheticians, not doctors; however we do have a doctor on staff as our Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Kallal, and nurse practitioner, Mandy Mendez. We provide clinically-proven wellness procedures and pharmaceutical grade skincare products. We want to be a place for education where patients can learn how to care for their skin in the best and most effective way possible.”

Client News: Halo Brides Hair & Makeup Partner with Unveiled Dallas Wedding Event



The bridal beauty services of Halo Brides Hair & Makeup will be showcased this Sunday, October 23, 2011 at Unveiled – The Ultimate Bridal Show at the Hilton Anatole at 2201 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Jenna Rabideau and her Halo Brides team will apply flawless airbrush makeup and stunning hair stylings for the bridal fashion shows at Unveiled at 12:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $15.00 at the door or in advance online by visiting

“We are thrilled to be a part of Unveiled, the most outstanding and classy bridal event out there, and to work with The Wedding Guys on this partnership,” Jenna Rabideau, owner and editorial stylist for Halo Brides Hair & Makeup says. “Come by our booth to discuss our various options for bridal packages because you deserve to look like a supermodel on the most important day of your life!”

Halo Brides Hair & Makeup is an on-location bridal beauty service company that provides high definition makeup application and hair styling for wedding day, bridal and engagement portraits for brides and her wedding party throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Though the team is based at Halo Salon & Color Lab in The Village at Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, the Halo Brides team offers its services all over the Metroplex, going on-site for engagement and bridal portrait photo shoots, and weddings. Services for the bride include high-definition airbrushed makeup, hair styling, hair extensions, and trial runs for both hair and makeup.

Matthew Trettel of The Wedding Guys says, “Unveiled™ boasts the TrendSpot fashion-show experience. This theatre will showcase a sophisticated Fashion Week Haute New York style runway experience featuring gown collections by, Kleinfeld – Manhattan – “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC, and Stardust Celebrations of Plano, Texas – of famed “Girl Meets Gown” on WEtv. Models wearing wedding gowns made of the finest silks and custom fit will grace this runway, with fabulous hair and makeup designed by Halo Brides Hair and Makeup of Fort Worth, Texas.”

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Organic vs. Paid Marketing


Halo Design & Marketing strives to be experts in Organic Marketing, but not everyone even knows what it is. In basic terms, Organic Marketing is any marketing that the business doesn’t pay for.

Just like SEOBook said, it is not enough to be the best…you need others to say that you are. If anything the web is making most people more driven by self interest – rather than lending a helping hand. One approach is to market the site heavily by splashing your URL via ads all over the place (paid), and the other is to generate traffic organically. Whether you are talking about advertising or the consumer that clicks the buttons, if you get it free, it’s considered organic.

Digital Web Magazine has defined Organic Marketing as traffic that comes to your Web site naturally and without being driven there by a specific marketing campaign. In essence, Web site visitors are there because they found the site and thought it had something they wanted. And like anything organic, organic traffic isn’t there instantly; it takes time and nurturing to grow into something healthy and with longevity.Organic traffic happens in the same way that you might browse the bookshelf at your local library or bookstore for something in a specific area of interest and find that little treasure that contains all the answers you’re seeking. This is, more or less, what the Web was all about when it was first created.

According to Organic Marketing solutions, there are a number of ways to begin using marketing in an organic way. For small businesses, some of these solutions are nothing new since so many are getting involved and interacted on various online listings and sites. Getting started isn’t hard; begin with these simple steps:

  • Blogging. When blogging, you have the opportunity to really be the expert without having to think about writing rules. You can be yourself. You can put pictures, videos, graphics, etc.
  • Article Marketing. People are looking for answers, creativity, fresh ideas. Reach expert status and the people will come to you for those formally mentioned desires.
  • Press Releases. These never expire because Google and other search engines love press releases and therefore, they stay in cyberspace forever.
  • Forums. These are very social in nature. Find one that gets a lot of participation and you’re an expert in. Get the feel of the topics and reply if you have an expert opinion! Keep things personal and friendly and you’ll have a high retention rate. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. Some people love it and it will draw attention…which is what you want, right?
  • Social Marketing. Everyone has heard of these: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The reason social marketing works so well is because it is really in the lime light. All of the sites are competing with each other, therefore it is always changing and always keeping their audience.

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